Character Crush – Vegeta


By Joshie Jaxon 

Greetings, geek fans! My housing drama is nearly over, and I’ll be able to devote the time and energy to my posts that you deserve. As previously stated, I’ve acquired lots of new media/games that I’ll be posting on. Some of which I’ve never seen/played before, but are cultural icons. It’s going to he fun. Until then, I know that Ani-May was severely short changed for you, and I apologize. I’ll pepper in some anime during the rest of the year to make up for it. I owe you that much. Until then, I’m going to at least give you another anime related Character Crush, this time on the prince of all Saiyans, Vegeta. Let the geeks begin!

I got involved in Dragonball Z when the Cell Saga was airing on Cartoon Network back in the early 2000’s. As such, I missed Vegeta’s initial arc and storyline during the Freiza Saga. I think that’s why, at least for me, I find Vegeta to be his best from Cell forward. Don’t get me wrong, the earlier stuff is great, but I prefer him as an anti-hero to full villain. Plus, by the Buu Saga they’d really found their comedy not just in visual gags, but in the various one-liners the characters got off. Vegeta had some of my favorites. Like saying he wanted to wish for new boots, while in the middle of a fight to save Earth. Classic.


To give an accurate history on our Saiyan prince, we have to look at the Z/GT series, as well as the movies. I haven’t seen Resurrection F yet, but it’s part of my newly acquired media. Anyhow, Vegeta’s father of the same name, who ruled the planet of the same name, yes, I’m serious, had his people working for Freiza. Saiyans were sent all over the universe to exterminate the inhabitants of the planets he wanted to conquer. Vegeta was one of a few Saiyans who happened to be away on a mission when Freiza destroyed his entire race. Despite his father’s death, and technical ascension to King, Vegeta still considers himself the Saiyan prince, out of respect. 

He came to Earth after Raditz had lost to Goku, to finish the job. It was during this initial appearance that we got our first real look at his personality. Vegeta is arrogant and believes himself to be an elite with no equal. He destroys Nappa, one of the last of his kind, just to prove a point. Sadly, he’s defeated, and sent packing with his tail between his legs. Oh wait, it was cutoff. My bad. He returns to Freiza and gets healed while plotting his next move. 


During his exploits on Namek, Vegeta gets his ass handed to him, but we learn when a Saiyan gets beaten, it just makes them that much stronger when they heal. Personally, I think he and Goku should have beat each other half to death, taken a senzu bean, and done it again and again. That’s just me though. Freiza manages to kill Vegeta, who tells Goku to avenge their people. I’ll spare you Goku’s story, but he wins, and Vegeta eventually gets wished back to life, and settles on Earth. He hooks up with Bulma, and they have a son, Trunks. As price of a warrior race, Vegeta doesn’t relax during times of peace, and is always training. When the androids appear, he’s able to go Super Saiyan himself, since he refuses to be second to Goku. 

The other defining characteristic of Vegeta is the thrill of battle, and wanting to be the best. When Imperfect Cell states that he’s able to become stronger, Vegeta wants to see his power, so that he can test himself against it. He doesn’t care if it puts Earth in danger, he wants what he wants, and everyone else can suck it. Which I would. Just Saiyan. Yes, I went there. I’m not sorry. Moving on. When Cell “kills” Future Trunks, Vegeta goes mad with rage and attacks Cell to avenge his fallen son. He loses, but he at least began to realize that he had priorities other than training and fighting.


The Buu Saga brought my favorite incarnation of Vegeta, the smartass. When Kid Trunks goes Super Saiyan, and mentions Goten can too, Vegeta makes a crack about it being a Super Saiyan bargain sale. He then asks Trunks to try and hit him, stating that if he does, he’ll take him to the park for an hour. Trunks manages to graze him, and Vegeta backhands him good. Trunks says that Vegeta didn’t say he’d hit back. Vegeta says he didn’t say he wouldn’t, either. He then tells Trunks to dry his eyes cause they’re going to the park right now. Such a good dad. 

The battle with Buu also brings us another great version of Vegeta; Majin Vegeta. Tired of Gohan not finishing a fight quickly, he says he could do better. Babidi calls him a beautiful, arrogant, selfish piece of work. He boosts Vegeta’s power, and turns him back to the dark side. Vegeta, still retaining his pride, refuses to follow orders, and instead wants to use this new power to finally beat Goku. To accomplish this, he murders hundreds of stadium people, prompting Goku to agree to a fight. For a while, Vegeta has the upper hand, but they are still evenly matched. Only by distracting Goku and knocking him out does he technically win. Vegeta then goes to take on Buu, and in the end, realizes that he’s been a bad father to Trunks. He hugs him, then knocks him out. In an act of heroism, Vegeta sacrifices himself to try and stop Buu. 

Ultimately, Vegeta acts in the Earth’s best interest, and tries to rally people to helping Goku win the battle. He becomes a loving husband, father, and friend, while maintaining his hard edge. I adore Vegeta, and always root for him, cause that’s what you do. You’ve gotta respect royalty. Until next time, stay geeky, and keep gabbing! 


Character Crush – James 


By Joshie Jaxon 

Greetings, geek fans! I know that new posts have been slim as of late, but I’m in the process of moving, and a great deal of my media is packed away. That won’t stop me from still making contributions and keeping you entertained. Besides, I’ve still been acquiring new retro toons to post on once life settles back to normal. Until then, I thought I’d feature another character crush that’s been on my mind. Prepare for trouble! Er, let the geeks begin! 

As you’ve figured out, this particular crush is on one half, or one third depending on who you ask, of Team Rocket. James has been around since the second episode of the anime, where we were initially led to believe that he and Jessie were competent, and dangerous villains, instead of the comic relief they’ve turned into in subsequent years. He starts off as kind of a smooth talker, but after a few too many thunder shocks from Pikachu, he’s since become easily overwhelmed and expressive about it. 

James may not be the most powerful trainer in the world. He’s certainly not going to be winning gym badges any time soon. He doesn’t have to be a strong trainer; he’s got a strong heart. Aside from his Koffing at the beginning of the series, and any obtained off screen, James generally befriends his Pokemon, and asks them to come with him. He feeds, helps, or takes care of them, and they love him for it. Heck, Mime Jr pretty much forces his way onto the team, all the while being treated like gold. That’s the kind of guy you bring home to mom. 

When he’s not hatching evil schemes, James has a rich, geeky, personal life. He collects bottle caps. He’s a great Poke Ringer. His best skill lies in his cosplay. He’s been Professor Oak, Juan, Jessie, and many others. He’s got the outfits, as well as the nuance of the person he’s portraying. Something always manages to go wrong and reveal the truth, but until then, people think he’s the genuine article. 

Since it’s a kids show, the topic of his sexuality doesn’t really come up, but there’s evidence that James is a little light in the loafers. He’s got a fiancé that his parents arranged, but he has no interest in. Or any woman really. Yes, there’s a not so dark corner of the internet full of Jessie and James couple pictures, but there’s nothing to back up they’re anything more than good friends. James is sensitive, caring, compassionate, and good with animals. Everything you’d want in an animated boyfriend. Or a real one. Hey! I could get a real one. If I ever left the house. Like you’re so great. Love ya! 
Until next time, stay geeky and keep gabbing! 

Character Crush – Light Yagami


By Joshie Jaxon 

Greetings, geek fans! Welcome to the first entry in this year’s Ani-May event. This crush is from a show that I’ve loved for years. I’ve read all the manga, watched all the anime episodes, and even the live action Japanese with English voiceover movies. That’s right, I’m talking the cultural event known as Death Note. Yes, it had it’s own controversy, but we’re not gonna focus on that. Instead we’re gonna look at the dreamy Light Yagami, voiced by the equally dreamy Brad Swaile. Don’t believe me, see for yourselves. 


I honestly think a huge part of the crush factor on Light is because of Brad’s delivery. But enough about Brad, we’re here to focus on Light. The series starts with Light as a typical Japanese student. He’s smart and at the top of his class. One day, he discovers the death note that was dropped in our world, and his life changes. After reading the instructions, Light tests the book’s power. Unlike some who might have used it to off a pesky person in their lives, Light’s tests involve a criminal, and an attempted rapist. Light sees that the world is rotting, and needs to be improved. Using the power of the notebook, he begins passing judgment on criminals, and cleaning things up. Sounds like a standup guy, right? 

The fun thing about Death Note is that Light is killing people. They’re dying because of his actions. Yet, through the series, I’m still rooting for him. He’s doing wrong things, but for the right reasons. Granted, he begins taking out good people simply because they’re trying to stop him. One of the people in his path is L. No, that’s not a typo, his name is L. L is the other side of Light’s coin, in that he also sees himself as an agent of justice, but tries to avoid murder as the means to an end. Through the course of the series, the dance between these two characters is filled with homoerotic subtext. Not only are they handcuffed to one another, but there’s a scene where L offers Light a foot rub. It gives things an interesting perspective, as both are pursuing each other without knowing it. 


Light’s original mission is one I can understand. Given the ability, I’d want to make the world a better place, but I couldn’t bring myself to kill people to get there. Even with the separation of only having to write a name in a book, I just couldn’t do it. Light has no such problem. He’s focused on his end game, and having a world he can rule. I don’t know what it is about me that I like bad boys, especially as they aren’t who I date, but there’s just something about them. I won’t spoil the series in case anyone hadn’t seen it, but Light has me on his side, almost all the way to the end. Watch it for yourselves, and see what I’m talking about. 

This crush is short, but sweet. Until next time, stay geeky, and keep gabbing! 


Ink of Geek

by Bevianna Bones

It’s been a while readers, and while it saddens me that I was unable to bring you an epically awful horror movie to celebrate Valentine’s Day, or President’s day with, the reason for my absence is now to be unveiled to you, the geeky world.

For sometime, pretty much for as long as I could hold a pencil, I have been perusing my artistic endeavors. It’s all that I’ve ever really wanted to do with my life. Unfortunately, in the course of my life, there have been circumstances that have kept me from making that passion a reality…such as an unforgiving career in retail management and having to pay the nasty, nasty billsies. With a career change late in 2015, I was able to open up my time to persue the things that I’ve been wanting to do.

I am happy to say, that with a newly renewed drive to make this life what I want to be, as of January 31, I have opened an Etsy store to sell my art prints of all things geeky.  There isn’t a huge variety on there currently, but I am committed to adding more every week.  The ultimate goal of this is to be able to make and sale art full time, through not only the interwebs, but traveling to many of the annual Comic Cons and other geek conventions. 

I invite you to take a look at my shop page on Etsy at
And to like Ink of Geek on Facebook and on follow me @jade_3101 on Twitter. 

I leave you now with some of my favorites of  the prints available so far. 


It’s Tom Servo!…and he’s huge!!!


Gizmo has had enough shit and it’s time to take it all back!




Holy na-na-na-na na-na-na Batman!!!


Oswald Cobblepot…I bet he gives great flipper.

If there are any ideas of characters you’d like to see, leave a comment on the blog, or on the Ink of Geek Facebook page.

Till next time!


Character Crush – Kylo Ren 


By Joshie Jaxon 

Greetings, geek fans! I decided to revive our Character Crush segment. I know this is the time of year for holiday specials, but it’s also the time of year where we’ve had our first Star Wars movie in ten years. Now, I’m not taking sides in the Trek/Wars wars. I enjoy both franchises, and yes, such a thing is possible. However, this most recent addition to Star Wars gave me a character that I found myself crushing on. I’ll try to avoid spoilers, but plot points may get revealed. You’ve been warned. 

At the beginning of the Force Awakens, during a village raid, we see Kylo Ren and the storm troopers. Someone fires a rather impressive blast at Kylo, Giggity, and not wanting it to get in his eye, it BURNS, he holds his hand up and stops it in it’s tracks. Even without keeping his hand held up, the blast stays in place for several minutes, until he chooses to release it. From that impressive display of power, Darkside or not, I was hooked. Though given my attraction to emotionally damaged bad boys, I wasn’t that surprised. That sounds spoiler-y, but given that most bad guys are damaged in one form or another, I’m not gonna count it.

Similar to Darth Vader and Palpatine, Kylo Ren has a master that he confides in, and takes orders from. During one of their we’re so bad talks, Kylo confesses that he’s struggling with certain feelings. Feelings he first noticed when he was in his space shower. He feels drawn to… the other side of the Force, and, like all good evil leaders, Kylo is instructed to repress those feelings, and push them aside, he’s got work to do. He can play with his saber later. 


Kylo Ren has several moments in the movie where he looses control of his cool, and lashes out with his lightsaber causing many on the internet to refer to him as Darth Tantrum, Darth Temper, etc. The internet also claims he isn’t a Sith, and that’s for them to debate. As someone who isn’t completely engrossed in their mythos, I will say it does appear similar. He’s using the Darkside, has a red saber, and has an evil master that wants to help complete his training, to further his evil plans. Sounds Sith to me, but that’s just my opinion. There are also several moments where Kylo uses his power to extract info from prisoners, in what I can only say is a dark-Jedi mind trick. 

In a latter part of the movie, Kylo Ren reveals himself and we get to see the man beneath the mask. Not as impressive as I thought he’d be, given his menacing stature before that moment. However, the man knows how to handle a saber, if you know what I mean, which at this point I think you do. You should. At any rate, despite the conflict with his heritage, Kylo sticks with his darker impulses. He’s similar to Loki, in that, between Thor and the Avengers, Loki undergoes a change in personality and takes a darker turn. I want to know what caused Kylo to go from his parents’ son, to a non-Sith, or Sith-lite, villain. I’m certain that will be covered in the next film, adding more depth to his character. As a wielder of the Darkside he’s allowed to feel and embrace his emotions, and use them for strength. He’ll need to come to grips to what happened in the Starkiller, and wherever the chips fall, he’s got a tough road ahead. Like Loki, I’m hoping for a redemption story, though fans may call for his head, I know the next installment will have a chance to see even more of this internally conflicted villain. Similar to Vader, I hope we continue to see Kylo in his mask, until such a time as he can accept the person he sees in the mirror, despite the fact that I like his dark, flowing, locks. 

There, that was as spoiler-free as I could manage. Kudos to me! Until next time, may the geek be with you! 


Character Crush- Samantha Micelli/Jennifer Canterville


by Bevianna Bones

It feels like that cover photo is straight out of an issue of Bop! doesn’t it? If you don’t know what I’m talking about then sadness for you that you never experienced the awesomeness of Bop! magazine and the craze that was JTT for most little girls.


Believe it or not, that is not a cover of Softball & Rescue Cats monthly. (That’s a reference to say that all those little boys look like softball playin’ animal rescuin’ lesbos for those of you that may have missed that joke)

Anyway, while most little girls were obsessing over JTT and the like, I was swooning over little miss Alyssa Milano…aka Samantha Micelli…aka Jennifer Canterville.


You remember, that really obscure 80’s tv special that featured Sir John Gielgud as Sir Simon the ghost and Ted Wass..aka Blossom’s Dad…as Alyssa Milano’s dad?? You don’t remember it?? Maybe you remember the 90s made for tv version that had Patrick Stewart as the ghost and Neve Campbell as the daughter? Still no? Well I recommend doing what I did and take the plunge and make that drunken Amazon purchase you’ve been waiting for and drop 50 (US Dollars…) on the DVD, because its not to be missed. In fact, I watched it so many times as a child (we had a vhs recording taped off the tv full of marvelous 80s advertising) that as an adult, I longed to watch it again for a bit of nostalgia. So onto the interwebs I go, only to find out its available on Amazon for the mere price of 50 USD. Sadness, as I swore to myself I would pay that much for a DVD; long story short, a few too many beers and a couple days later, surprise, it’s there in my mailbox.

Anyway, this crush thing for me involves both the character from Canterville Ghost, and the more widely known character of Samantha from Who’s the Boss? Mainly because, all in all they were pretty much one in the same. Only difference really being that one’s dad was Blossom’s Dad, and the other’s dad was Tony Danza.  They were both tomboy’s, which I immediately grew a liking too, and they both were smart asses, which, I also grew a liking too.


Anyone else notice how much she/they resemble my other 80s childstar crush? Jo? Maybe it’s all that denim. I apparently have a thing for dark haired Italian girls with attitude. Does Katy Perry have some Itailian in her? That would explain an awful lot for me if she does.


By the Gods, Google…I’m really hoping that image came out of an old Bop too…

But hey, what wasn’t there for me to like? They both were just like me! Minus the Italian part of course. That was my main rationale as a child for all of these apparent crushes I once had. I just so wanted to be like them. I wasn’t old enough to know that it was just my loins talking.

We all got to watch little Sam grow up over the eight seasons Who’s the Boss? ran for, and in the end in 1992, she had grown from 80s tomboy into the dream of the 90s.


Bottom line is, I will always hold a special place in my heart, for Sam/Jen, as the girl I wanted to be…aka the 80s me version of coping with a crush.

And why not? Anyone seen Alyssa Milano lately? She’s still smoking hot now in her 40s.