FanX 2017 Cosplayers 

By Joshie Jaxon 

Greetings, geek fans! Though FanX was two weeks ago, I promised to get my pics up and Joshie always delivers. Thirty days or it’s free. Wait a tick, they’re all free. This Con marked the return of Joshie Quinn, and the debut of Poison Brivy. I lost count of the people who asked us for pics, as well as the ones who asked where Catwoman was. Several people lit up at the sight of us, saying they didn’t know they needed this in their lives. I sought out other gender bent cosplayers, as well as fellow Bat-villains. One vendor liked my look so much I got a free small Harley print as long as I posed with it. I gladly obliged. It was a great event, and I can’t wait for the next. Without further delay, let’s the geeks begin! 

Genderbent Ivy, Riddler, and Harley

Genderbent Aquaman

Genderbent Aquaman 

Ivy & Ivy

Genderbent Joker & Harley

Genderbent Joker 

Genderbent Rumplestiltskin

Harleen Quinzel & Harley Quinn x2

Batman was super nice


Harley & Harley

Bombshell Batwoman


Raven & Robin

Iron Fist

Supergirl & Wonder Woman


Mortal Kombat Joker


Harley & Joker

Harley x3

Genderbent Joker & genderbent Harley

Poison Ivy


Batman & Robin



Bombshell Harley

Dr. Strange

Sesame Street realness

Prof. X & Beast

Happy little trees, er, Bob Ross

Maleficent & Aurora

Genderbent Sasuke & genderbent Naruto

Green Arrow

Jubilee & Black Cat

Cloud, Aerith, Squall

Mario Kart

Genderbent Starlord

Genderbent Triforce Heroes

Genderbent Doctor Who


Genderbent Mario, Luigi, and Waluigi

Agent Carter

Emma Frost & Old Man Logan 


Supergirl & Superman

Genderbent Loki & Thor

Sixties Batman

Bugs & Daffy

I am Groot!

Villains of the Universe


Genderbent Aquaman 

My little ponies 

Genderbent Riddler, Black Cat

Starfire & Raven 

Genderbent Joker & Harley

Genderbent Hades

Supergirl & Robin

Zelda & Link

Iron Fist & Zero Suit Samus

Peter & MJ

Evil Queen


Han Solo & Storm

Genderbent Captain America 

Courage cosplay

Disney Princess eleganza

Genderbent Quicksilver

Gambit & Rogue 

Scarlet Witch

Cupid & Genderbent Loki

There was so much detail on apocalypse Ash I had to take two pics

Captain Lantern

So many put so much effort into their looks, it gave me life! If you ever get a chance to attend a Comic Con event, go, you won’t be disappointed. If you’re dying to unleash your inner geek, this is a safe haven. Until next time, stay geeky, and keep gabbing! 

One thought on “FanX 2017 Cosplayers 

  1. Nice Photos you got there >w< I loved most of cosplayers out there especially the fursuiters and the Comic Characters. I really liked a lot of them and I did enjoy my time there. I also saw myself wearing the Pokemon Shirt. and I really enjoyed comic-con, and wouldn't mind going there again soon : 3

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