We here at Gay Geek Gab would like to offer you, our loyal fans, a slightly more detailed description of what our recurring segments will feature. In addition to our wonderful retro reviews on cartoons, games, movies, anime, and comics, we have a variety of subjects that we’ll continue to fill the library on. 

Glorious Girls of Gaming – We focus on the various ladies in the gaming industry, from mainstream favorites like Samus Aran to lesser known secondary characters like Eiko Carrol. We entertain, as well as educate. 

Character Crush – We share the crushes we’ve had on characters of comics, games, tv/movies, and theater, while giving a peek at our individual tastes/types. 

Pride Post – These are personal stories, rather than our usual reviews. They range from coming out tales, work experiences, and romance. 

Top 5 Tuesday – A countdown of anything that tickles our twisted fancy. RuPaul music videos, to favorite pinball machines. Nothing is off limits. Not that it ever was. 

Why We Worship – Our community is devoted to certain icons, divas, and institutions. This segment will allow us to focus on them, and give some of the history of why they’re so fabulous.

Arcade Archives / Console Classics – A spotlight on all the great games that arcades and retro consoles have offered us over the years. As gamers since we were old enough to hold controllers, we know what we’re talking about. 

Handheld Hits – Features games that never made it to console, but were great  additions to their handheld families. Things as recent as Tri-Force Heroes, or older gems like the original Pokemon Red/Blue. We’ve got you covered. 

TCG Tuesday – Posts devoted to various cards games such as Yugioh, and Magic the Gathering. Featuring the basics, and in depth looks at the cards and their games. 

Looney Legacy/Disney Dynasty – These posts are dedicated to the fabulous shorts that Warner Bros and Disney have offered over the decades, from Bugs and Daffy to Mickey and Donald, and everyone in between. 

The Howie Series- An in-depth look at all elements of the greatest film ever to grace the silver screen…Howard the Duck.

As new segments are added, this page will be updated. Stay tuned! 

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