Quiz & Dragons?…not today…

by Bevianna Bones


Good afternoon readers, I was in the midst of preparing today’s entry for you, which was going to be about a Capcom classic of the days of aracdia gone by, but I got distracted by the television I had on while I as preparing the screenshots for the segment.  The Today show was on, primarily for background noise, when I heard a name alll too familiar to me.  I looked up from the controls of my MAME cabinet (and what was becoming an epic game of Quiz & Dragons) to see on my screen a beautiful Lucy Lawless in a vintage inspired little red and white polka dot frock.  My heart leaped. I was inspired to bring you a mini on Lucy instead.


It isn’t often here on Triple G that Joshie and I get personal, so consider today a treat. It is taxday after all, and some of us could probably use a little pick me up.  Here goes, but, it’s a little know fact, but your dear Bevianna got her blogging start years ago writing and doing artwork for the XMV (Xena Music Videos) website (and of course the Rant of Randomess…RIP).  I wrote episode reviews, did illustrations, and got into word scraps with, what I presume were, old lonely dykes who wanted to argue that Willow and Tara were a better couple than Xena and Gabs. Please. Anywho, I was with them for a couple of years until I got into a tiff with the site admins over the use of my artworks and then I had to unfourtunately pull the plug on them. 



They will always be mine, britches…

Seeing Lucy while I was writing about Q & D for you folks just brought it all back. Consider it a character crush entry if you please, but really, once I saw her I was transported back to another time.  A time of ancient gods, kings, and warlords..a land in turmoil cried out for a hero…her name was Xena…a mighty princess forged in the heat of battle…


Ok, enough with the Xena reference.  She’s done a whole lot of other things since then, in fact, it wasn’t the 20th anniversary of Xena she was on the show for, it was for her new role, of what she calls a “witchiepoo” on the second season of Salem. Good move Salem, now you have aquired the entire xenaverse of fandom. 


Ever wonder why she is still working? Primairily because the Xenaverse is something special. A conglomeration of geekdoom and the pride following that makes us lesbos follow everything any cast member of the LWord has ever done. Sparatacus? Good show, but the Xenaverse made it go on after it should have. Lucy on BSG? Great sci-fi, but after Lucy joined the cast as a Cylon, even better. Eurotrip would have been nearly unwatchable if it weren’t for Madamme Vaandersexx. And who else could make the perfect mate and conqueror to Ron Swanson? 


Seems I’ve gone off on a tangent.  But anywho, I still love lucy.  She’s a great entertainer and comedian who has been unfortunately doomed to one role for eternity, all the meanwhile that curse has given her the fanbase to propell other doomed shows into their very own cult followings.  Too bad she never showed up on Seeker or Firefly, maybe she would have saved them with the power of the Xenaverse. Who knows? Anything is possible.  For now, however, its back to Quiz and Dragons…I’m about to conquer the Wyvern at the Chateau of Avalon…and I’ve used the Power of Two Choices!

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