True Survivor-David Hasslehoff

-by Bevianna Bones


This may be a modern music video, but it has so much 80s awesomeness that I have to share my feelings on it. There is so much epicness packed into 4 insanely action packed minutes, the result is astounding awe after first watching, and a resounding voice in your head asking again and again, “Is this real?”, because your brain is overloaded with its magnificence. 

The music vid and song were made to promote a kickstater funded movie called Kung Fury; featuring 80s cop drama, kung fu, time travel, dinosaurs, barbarians, lasers, Lamborghinis, mullets and, yes, even a Power Glove.


You’re not just playing with power, you’re playing with Nintendo power…

Who else better could they get to make this song/vid of epic 80s proportions other than the one and only Knight Rider. 


I’m not going to give you a play by play of what happens during the course of this video. Rather, I just want to highlight some of the most bodacious parts.  Really though, the entire thing is, simply put, a-fuckin-mazing. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s something that you need to do immediately. Stop everything you are doing and watch this video. Finish reading this post of course, but then, watch this video. I will include a link at the end.

Some of my most favorite parts, including the aforementioned Hoff and Power Glove…

1. The Hoff and the Lamborghini


2. The Barbarian woman and the evil demon dog.


3. Hitler …aka Kung Furhuer


4. Dinosaurs


5. Barbarians with Laser Guns


6.  Electric Keytar!!! Eat your heart out Sammy Kurr!


Ok, to explain that reference for those who aren’t as fluent in useless information as I am…Sammy Kurr is the fictional rock star who dies in a hotel fire and comes back as a demon, through speakers, through playing his records backwards, who’s ghastly demon encarnation shows up at his high school alma maters dance, which just so happens to be on All Hallows Eve, to wreak havoc and vengeance on all those who bullied him. He achieves this through zapping the dance goers in the gymnasium with lightning bolts from his electric guitar. See the correlation now? Isn’t it a funny reference now that you understand the back story?

7. The Hoff and his awesome faces


8. The Hoff and his sexyhoff poses


9. Mash it all up in one epically amazingly awesome shot


I am absolutely dying to see this movie completed. I am however, afraid that it’s going to be so awesome that it might rip a hole in the fabric of time and the universe might just collapse on itself as a result of unleashing it on the viewing public. It is a chance I’m willing to take. Please, please let me see Kung Fury.

Check out the link below to enjoy


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