Alamo City Comic Con – Day 1


by Bevianna Bones

Day one of Comic-Con here in the Alamo city, otherwise known as San Antonio, (native San Antonians are very proud of the Alamo, personally I think it’s pretty overrated, just like their precious Spurs…however, don’t say that to anyone on the street for fear of getting shanked) has come and gone. It’s always a fun and interesting place to be, with artists, cosplayers, vendors, celebrities, and panels.  Day one is usually the best day to scope everything out before the mass of crowds get there over the weekend.  This year, it does seem as though they have made a better use of the space and separated out the artists, vendors, and panel rooms, to where there, hopefully, won’t be as much cluster fucking with the crowds. We shall see today when we embark on day two. One other thing however that need be mentioned, is the cheese factor of this paper wristband that is intended to hold up for 3 days.


While it is better from the perspective that people can’t hand off their lanyard style passes to others (which has often happened in the past) it seems that they could have sprung for the plastic wristbands, at least for the 3 day pass holders.

Day one offered many panels, the two highlights for me were the Back to the Future panel, and the TMNT movie (original) panel. Let’s start off with the BTTF.  This featured Claudia Wells, and James Tolkan. Jennifer and Mr. Strickland.


Where is Michael J Fox, Crispin Glover and Lea Thompson? Not here, nor were they ever mentioned sadly. Nor was there much talk about the production of the film. There was however, much discussion from Claudia about her men’s clothing store, website where she sells bedazzled save the clock tower teeshirts, and how much she loves real Texas men. James, on the other hand, did delight the audience with a couple instances of denouncing us all as “slackers!”


As often seen in the panels, the audience Q&A was nearly unbearable and filled with too many, “thank you for being a part of this project and making such a huge impact on our lives”. The misses and I are going to bring a flask and turn these Q&As into a drinking game today. We’re sure to be faced two panels in.
Also, I really wasn’t aware of any major impact the role of Jennifer Parker had on pop culture, and apparently the lives of so many. Really though, the blame for this train wreck of a panel goes to the mediator, who had zero questions for the two guests, and at one point begged the audience to come up with some more for them, so that he wouldn’t have to think of anything to ask. 

In great contrast to the BTTF mess, was the TMNT panel featuring Judith Hoag and Francois Chau; the best April, and Shredder.


This is actually the second Ninja Turtle discussion I’ve been to featuring them, and it was a pleasure as always. From the way they engaged the audience, the production stories and recounts, the mediator asked purposeful questions; the Q&A didn’t include, not even one, obsessed fan droning on about the impact the actors have had on their life; and April, well April is still pretty smoking after all these years.


The personal recounts and stories really made for a great panel, and the one moment of sadness for me, is that I didn’t have the balls to ask Mr. Chau, in his best Shredder voice, to say, “They are…babies!” Although, there was some slight mockery of Vanilla Ice to make up for it.

Stay tuned to the blog for more coverage to come as day two begins. Included in the itinerary today are The Legends of Wrestling, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, and gasp…wait for it…Stan Lee!



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