Happy Birthday PlayStation!


by Bevianna Bones

So many birthdays this month!! Yesterday PlayStation turned 20 years old. Hard to believe that it was that long ago when the face of gaming was changed. Picture it, Sicily, 1995…Sony decides to enter into the gaming realm with the big contenders, Nintendo, Sega, and Atari. (Although, at the time Sega and Atari are debatable as to if they were actually legitimate contenders by that point) Sony creates this compact disc based game system, and solves the storage solution by integrating flash memory cards.  Enter the age of console gaming that first saw the use of “3D” rendering and a plethora of full-motion video. The original PlayStation forever changed the console gaming landscape, much as the Atari 2600 once had. The PlayStation brand over the years has kept reinventing itself and continues to pioneer new technology and bring it into our homes. To celebrate PlayStation’s big 2-0…they are having a huge anniversary sale on the PlayStation Store (up to 80% off most titles if you’re a PSPlus member) And before I log on and download a slew of PSOne classics to my PS4; let’s take a moment to remember a few of the classic PlayStation games that I held nearest and dearest to my heart.

Of course I have to start the list off with, my all-time favorite of all:

Final Fantasy VII


I could go on for the rest of the article about how much I loved, and still love this game; but for everyone’s sake, I’ll spare it until another day and just leave it at this. This is a really great game. Even now, all these years later.

Blazing Dragons


Harkening back to the days of Space Quest and Kings Quest franchises, Blazing Dragons tells the tale of Flicker, a wanna be knight of the square-table. Created by Monty Python’s Terry Jones, and Cheech Marin; it’s a great adventure full of many darkly humorous moments. It actually spawned a short lived cartoon, and this author’s favorite go-to inside joke. “Can I have some useless information?”

Project: Overkill


An isometric shooter that mixed a modern day Diablo with Metal Slug. Always great fun to play, especially when you had a bad day. And the best part…the little bloody footprints as you walked over a corpse.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night


Classic Metroid meets classic Castlevania, in what was the last great release of the franchise. The graphics, the music, the sprawling gameplay; it’s a beautiful and enchanting game to play.

Croc: Legend of the Gobbos


Ok, so this Banjo Kazooi/Mario 64 wannabe may have some camera issues, and chunky jumping mechanics by today’s standards, but Croc turned it up to 11 on the cuteness scale. Aww…like his little walk with this little backpack during the loading screen, his one little tooth, the little gobbos themselves (who look am awful lot like tribbles), the cutesy bosses, and “whazoo!!!”

Resident Evil


Here is another one I could drone on and on about for sometime. It birthed a whole new genre of video games, and influenced many of the games we play today. I’ve mentioned elements of it in many other posts, so I’m going to keep this brief and simple. It may not hold up as well as the remasters, or later entries in the series; but the original gave many of us our first dose of video game fright, due partly to the creatures, and mostly to Jill’s bad voice acting.

Vandal Hearts


This is one of Konami’s greatest games they ever made. A little known game, but to those of us that played it, it has a lasting impression in our hearts. Think Final Fantasy Tactics without the Final Fantasy part. And Vandal came first, so I’m not necessarily saying that one company ripped off another, but yeah. No T no shade Squaresoft. Combining strategy, rpg, beautiful graphics, and an engaging storyline…it’s a game that must be played if you can get your hands on it.

The original PlayStation was indeed a great system, so I say thanks for the 20 years, and hopefully many more.

But you don’t have to take my word for it…

by Joshie Jaxon

As the Playstation’s birthday is upon us, I decided to share a few of my favorite moments from the PS1.

The only reason I even got a Playstation was that it was the only way I could continue playing the Mega Man X series. I was so excited by that fact, that I bought the game before I ever had the system to play it on. I saved my money, rode my bike to buy my Playstation. Only, it wouldn’t fit in my backpack. I had to go to Staples and buy duct tape to hold my bag closed for the bike ride home. It was so worth it. The anime style cut scenes, the ability to play as Zero, and have him gain boss abilities too was so awesome I couldn’t stand it. Discovering he was a creation of Dr. Wily was the icing on the cake.


Then there was my discovery of Castlevania Symphony of the Night. It was my first Castlevania adventure, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I loved playing as Alucard, and venturing through Drac’s castle. It became even more epic when I discovered that was an entire inverted castle to quest through as well. The magic, the power ups, even the voice acting, which still has it’s own nostalgic charm, this is a game I can pick up and play over and over again.


In addition to discovering the Castlevania series, I was fortunate enough to have been there for one of the greatest games ever, Final Fantasy 7. I’ll gush in detail at a later time. I immensely loved the adventures of a Cloud and company. Not being familiar with the series, I didn’t know that Final Fantasy 8 wasn’t a sequel. It didn’t matter. Squall and his group were just as fun to quest with. The draw system was fun, and the variety of summons available made me love it that much more. Some people hated 8, but I’ll never be one of those people. If two Final Fantasy games weren’t enough, I was lucky enough to get Final Fantasy 9 as well. Zidane was a fun lil monkey to use, as were Vivi, Eiko and the rest. I missed the lack of summon animation each time, but after what we went through with 8, I understand when they scaled it back.


The Playstation has given me many wonderful years of entertainment, and the PS2 and PS3 have continued the tradition. It was the first console I even bought for myself, and it made me enjoy it that much more. I still love my various Nintendo consoles, but what started my deviation from Mario, Link and the rest was the PS1. Thank you, Playstation! Here’s to many more years of entertainment.

-Joshie Jaxon

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