Pride Post – No Fatties

By Joshie Jaxon 

Happy pride month, geeks fans! We just had our festival here in Salt Lake City, and I wanted to share my experience. Don’t worry, I’ll be brief. Especially as it’s nearly 2am as I start this piece. Though it’s been on my mind for a few days now. As you can tell from the title, body issues are gonna be brought up. I know I’ve talked on them before, in my far less successful blog, but they came up again, so here we are. Besides, it’s something many of us struggle with, and for some, it’s always on our minds, even if it’s just silently running in the background. 

I’ve attend the pride festival every year since 2001. I even had a booth for my book series a few years ago. Pride for me was always a chance to get out and be among my community, without the safety of a screen to hide behind. It’s a great opportunity to see the various walks of life that make up our LGBT communityas a whole. There’s also plenty of eye candy, as long as the weather is nice; which thanks to fake news, er, climate change, it usually is. The temperature rises, and the amount of clothes people wear lowers. It’s a feast for the eyes, and a personal highlight of the festivities. The main reason for that being the majority of people going around practically naked are the ones you’d associate with the gay community. It’s mostly twinks and the jock/gym gays. The “good-looking” among us that we all secretly aspire to be. Though not bold enough to parade half naked in public, the closest I chose to get was my Joshie Quinn look, sans makeup. I’m confident in my legs. I’m a centaur, we’re good kickers.

Being a bear, those are the people I feel the most comfortable around. I have a different piece planned for da bears, but I’ll touch on them. Giggity. They’re the once facet of the community, aside from the lesbians, that don’t give a damn about size and shape, and celebrate everyone as they are, which is a beautiful thing. I found the local bear booth, and wanted to get a shirt to show my support. Not knowing how it would fit, I asked one of our Chair Bears for a shirt, and without thinking, slipped mine off to try it on. They told me it looked good, and I swapped my original back on. Hugs all around, and I continued with the rest of my day. I got hungry, and found myself in the pizza line with a very muscled bodybuilder. I know this, because during our wait, he mentioned how he was at 12% body fat, and needed to get to four for competition at the end of July. When it was time to order, he said I’d been nice, and bought my slice. Super nice guy. Even though it was odd he wasn’t getting any pizza for himself.

On my way back to Bri, who was waiting in the shade of trees with drinks, I got bumped, and the tip of my pizza slice hit the center of my white shirt. The horror! No tide pen. Not home to pre-treat. I need this shirt to not stain. It’s classic Joshie. I had no choice. I handed Bri my food, and pulled my shirt off. Splashed my water on it, and rubbed so the stain wouldn’t set. It then dawned on me that I was shirtless in public. Fans of the Gab will know that I embraced my body, and generally don’t care about nudity. I am who I am, like it or don’t. However, standing topless in the middle of an event designed to primarily celebrate the gorgeous among us, I felt uncomfortable. Bri asked if I was gonna put my shirt back on, and I decided not to. My logic being, the shirt was still wet, but more importantly, I had to do this for myself. The fact that I thought I had no right to be shirtless among my community made me realize I had to do it, no matter the cost. I had to be able to look at myself in the mirror. 

I kept my shirt off, got some sunscreen, cause I’m a pale, Irish-rooted, vampire, and went back to walking the festival. I was very aware that my shirt was missing. It wasn’t the comfortable feeling I have being nude at home, or even in nature. There was the definite feeling that my community would judge me, and tell me to get dressed. Now, maybe I was merely projecting, but when you see “no fats, no fems, no Asians” on enough profiles, you realize how little the community as a whole wants anyone that isn’t chiseled and perfect. In that regard, I’ve never cared. If you want abs, move on, I’m never gonna have them. I ran into an ex of mine, who pretty much greeted me with the words that this was not a good look for me. I don’t know if it was me without my shirt, or the sparkly shoes and shorts. I didn’t ask. It’s better I don’t know. I did at least one lap of the festival grounds topless. Even got cat-called by my lady boss, which still felt nice to be celebrated for my bravery, as it was. As I wandered, there were others my size that were stripped a bit too, but with rainbow body paint, or #pride on them. I applaud them for being deliberate in their choice. 

I’d like to say that I remained shirtless until I left, but I can’t. I put my shirt back on, and finished out my time. Though I didn’t get any mean comments, or looks that I was aware of, I was still uncomfortable. Even looking back on it, I feel a little anxiety. The real question it left me with, was am I as comfortable with myself as I think I am? I believe so. Hell, I’m naked on the internet in a non “come fuck me” kinda way. Clearly I don’t care who sees me. Then again, it’s the safety of the screen that may shield me from the anxiety. It’s the disconnect that we all have when we get online. It’s what allows us to say and do more than we might in person. I’m glad I had the experience that I did. Overall, I know that I’ll grow as a person because of it. I encourage any of my fellow “fatties” to not be discouraged by the chiseled. Do not let them damage the beautiful people that you are. You’re worth loving exactly as you are, and who you choose to be. Don’t allow their poison to change how you see yourself. If you’re a good person, who doesn’t harm others, you keep doing you. The right people will enter your life, and see you for the hottie that you are, no matter how much padding you may have. 

Until next time, stay geeky, and keep gabbing! 

Top 5 Tuesday – Eliza Dushku


By Joshie Jaxon 

Greetings, geek fans! Time for the return of Top Five Tuesday! Today’s countdown, if you couldn’t tell from the title, will be on roles played by the great Eliza Dushku. I’ve enjoyed her in everything I’ve seen her in, and though I have yet to see Tru Calling, I’m sure she’s good in that as well. Let’s get right to the list. Let the geeks begin! 

5- Special Agent Page, Big Bang Theory

First off is a guest appearance. Now, I prefer Eliza as a leading lady, but she did a great job with a relatively small role. Howard, needing clearance to go to the space station, warns his friends that someone will be contacting them. That someone is Agent Page of the FBI. Raj, unable to speak to women unless inebriated, has rum cake, and ends up throwing up on her shoes. Leonard ends up hitting on her. Sheldon, in true Sheldon fashion, bitches about Howard’s shortcomings without really answering any of her questions, and even files a complaint with her superiors. Despite all of this, she remains professional. 

4- Danielle, The New Guy

Second is Eliza’s role as leading lady, and cheerleader in a movie about a geek who transforms himself into a cool kid at a new school. Danielle hangs with him, and he falls for her. He even gets a private bikini shopping montage. Danielle gets her own character arc as well. She does from clique cheerleader, to someone who remembers her old friends, and socialized with them again, much to the surprise of the student body. While not her greatest or classiest role, she gets a great deal of screen time, and brings it the whole time. Speaking of bringing it…

3- Missy, Bring It On 

Third place is actually the second role I originally lived Eliza in. This movie has a special place for me and Bevianna. We watched it on tv during difficult times. That year for X-Mas we got it for each other on DVD. That was a fun round of present opening that year. Despite the fact that when she appears on screen, everyone assumes she’s a dyke, Missy is the same type of character that Eliza usually embodies; strong, independent, and kind of a badass. She becomes friends with Torrance, and even brings a moral compass to the squad, getting them to be original rather than continuing to use the stolen routines they’d be using until she arrived. She’s a worthy costar for the film, and it would have been weaker without her in it. 

2- Echo, Dollhouse 

This was a tough call. I almost put this as number one. I still may declare it a tie for top slot. For those unfamiliar with this particular gem, I strongly suggest you watch it. It’s a simple premise, but has so much depth it almost hurts. A facility full of people who’ve been wiped clean, and can be implanted with any personality or training that the client desires. These “dolls” can be anything from a sex toy, to therapist, to sniper, crook, negotiator, you get the point. It allows Eliza to show a wide range of talents while still giving her “blank self”, Echo, a personality of her own. She is believable in each of the personas she portrays and makes each of them original, rather than just Echo in a whatever outfit. It’s one that I need to watch again, as there’s always something new to find each time. 

1- Faith, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Here we are, the number one slot. It should surprise anyone. I gave Faith the edge for two reasons. First, it’s Buffy’s 20th, and two, that means we’ve had access to this character for 18 years. Faith is the third Slayer we see on the series, and some would argue she’s the best. Granted, her arc in season 3 has her going from Slayer to right hand of the big bad. At first you think she’s just a loose cannon, but when she accidentally kills an innocent, and tells Buffy that she doesn’t care, we see she’s going downhill fast. An attitude of “want, take, have”, gets her quite far. My favorite moment with Faith though is when she returns and switches bodies with Buffy. We then get to see Eliza play the good Slayer. It’s a spectacular performance. Some would say Faith is better as a redeemed character, and good girl. I’m not one of them. Much as I have an affinity for villains/bad boys, I have an affinity for dark Faith as well. Relating to the dark characters gives us a chance to embrace the darkness within, while in the confines of a fictional universe. Want, take, have may work for Faith, but not for Joshie. That doesn’t stop me from loving Faith, Eliza, and the many badass characters she has and will portray. Until next time, stay geeky, and keep five by five. 

FanX 2017 Cosplayers 

By Joshie Jaxon 

Greetings, geek fans! Though FanX was two weeks ago, I promised to get my pics up and Joshie always delivers. Thirty days or it’s free. Wait a tick, they’re all free. This Con marked the return of Joshie Quinn, and the debut of Poison Brivy. I lost count of the people who asked us for pics, as well as the ones who asked where Catwoman was. Several people lit up at the sight of us, saying they didn’t know they needed this in their lives. I sought out other gender bent cosplayers, as well as fellow Bat-villains. One vendor liked my look so much I got a free small Harley print as long as I posed with it. I gladly obliged. It was a great event, and I can’t wait for the next. Without further delay, let’s the geeks begin! 

Genderbent Ivy, Riddler, and Harley

Genderbent Aquaman

Genderbent Aquaman 

Ivy & Ivy

Genderbent Joker & Harley

Genderbent Joker 

Genderbent Rumplestiltskin

Harleen Quinzel & Harley Quinn x2

Batman was super nice


Harley & Harley

Bombshell Batwoman


Raven & Robin

Iron Fist

Supergirl & Wonder Woman


Mortal Kombat Joker


Harley & Joker

Harley x3

Genderbent Joker & genderbent Harley

Poison Ivy


Batman & Robin



Bombshell Harley

Dr. Strange

Sesame Street realness

Prof. X & Beast

Happy little trees, er, Bob Ross

Maleficent & Aurora

Genderbent Sasuke & genderbent Naruto

Green Arrow

Jubilee & Black Cat

Cloud, Aerith, Squall

Mario Kart

Genderbent Starlord

Genderbent Triforce Heroes

Genderbent Doctor Who


Genderbent Mario, Luigi, and Waluigi

Agent Carter

Emma Frost & Old Man Logan 


Supergirl & Superman

Genderbent Loki & Thor

Sixties Batman

Bugs & Daffy

I am Groot!

Villains of the Universe


Genderbent Aquaman 

My little ponies 

Genderbent Riddler, Black Cat

Starfire & Raven 

Genderbent Joker & Harley

Genderbent Hades

Supergirl & Robin

Zelda & Link

Iron Fist & Zero Suit Samus

Peter & MJ

Evil Queen


Han Solo & Storm

Genderbent Captain America 

Courage cosplay

Disney Princess eleganza

Genderbent Quicksilver

Gambit & Rogue 

Scarlet Witch

Cupid & Genderbent Loki

There was so much detail on apocalypse Ash I had to take two pics

Captain Lantern

So many put so much effort into their looks, it gave me life! If you ever get a chance to attend a Comic Con event, go, you won’t be disappointed. If you’re dying to unleash your inner geek, this is a safe haven. Until next time, stay geeky, and keep gabbing! 

Days of Future Logan

By Joshie Jaxon 

Greetings, geek fans! I know I haven’t posted in forever, and for that I apologize. Work threw me a series of curveballs, from which I am still recovering. However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t have items in the works for you, dear fans. This won’t be my normal retro review, but something a bit more modern, though no less geeky, I swear. Let the geeks begin! 

As most of you know, Logan just came out recently, and with it, a whole new series of questions about the X-Universe. I’m going to focus on one that arose for me, not from Logan, but re-watching Days of Future Past. There are potential spoilers ahead, so this is your last chance to stop reading until you’ve seen Logan. If you have, or simply don’t mind knowing a small plot point or two, read on. 

I’m aware that the timeline of events in the X-Universe is shaky at best. That being said, I’m trying to piece together the time frame for the end of Days and the start of Logan. During the course of Days, Logan is sent 50 years into the past to 1973. Based on that, it implies that the future he was sent from/returns to is 2023. At the end of Days, the original film X-Men are all around, and Logan asks the Professor for a history lesson so that he knows what the official history of the world is now. With me so far? Good. 

Alright, now, Logan takes place in 2029, which is only six years after the events of Days. Extrapolating from Origins, Logan was  born in the late 1830’s, making him roughly 200 years old. I personally have a hard time thinking that in that relatively short space of time, between Days and Logan, that Logan’s healing factor would have weakened to the point that his adamantium would be slowly poisoning him. In addition, Xavier would be 97 years old in Logan, making him 91 at the end of Days. I have an additional hard time thinking that Xavier would deteriorate to the point he did by Logan. I know that seniors can develop any number of ailments as they age, but being in his 90’s already, I’d think that if he had something that would lead to the Westchester Incident, it would have been present in either timeline of Days, or he’d at least be getting symptoms. For that matter, shouldn’t they have tangled with Essex/Sinister?  That’s someone I’d like to see on screen.

Granted, the movies continue with the First Class cast, so any number of things could happen between Days and Logan. All we know for certain is that Laura/X-23 should already exist at the end of Days, though she’d still be in her facility. Xavier and the crew are all alive and well, until the “incident”, and Logan is still at the school, though he has no idea in what capacity. Given the scars on old man Logan, it stands to reason there’s still one more story that can be told with the original cast, but since Jackman claims to have hung up the claws, we the fans may be left to our speculations. 

What are your thoughts on the progression of Logan and Xavier? Plausible? Feel free to leave a comment. Until next time, stay geeky, andkeep gabbing! 

Christmas Carol Countdown – Ebenezer/Ebony Scrooge

By Joshie Jaxon 

Greetings, geek fans! We’re finally here. The big one. The reason the book/movies have been made. The star of the show, Ebenezer/Ebony Scrooge. I’ll say right now that I love all three versions of the character. Ranking them will be difficult, but I’ll manage. Without further delay, Let the geeks begin! 

Mickey’s Christmas Carol – 

Alright, let’s kick things off with Scrooge McDuck. I love him in Duck Tales, Kingdom Hearts, and of course, here. This is the appearance that started it all, and was the debut of his signature voice actor. As previously mentioned, this version of the story only had a little over twenty minutes to work with, as such, we didn’t get as much of a journey, which is why, even though they’re all winners, Scrooge gets the bottom slot. The journey we do get to see is still filled with adventure. He abuses Mickey, and we learn about his half cent raise in exchange for laundry services. The poor mouse isn’t even allowed to use coal to be warm at work. It doesn’t stop there, Scrooge expertly dodges charitable donation collectors, saying if the poor aren’t poor, he’d be putting them out of a job. Donald makes a cameo as his nephew, and is dismissed when he invites Scrooge to dinner. When he goes home that night, we get the sense of his fear of ghosts, though to be fair, if a dead friend were messing with me before showing himself, I’d be a more than a little spooked myself. Scrooge admires the way that Marley used to be, but is told such a path will lead to his own eternal punishment. Unlike Ebony, this Scrooge takes his friend’s warning to heart, and when Jiminy arrives, he’s willing to go along, even though he fears falling. He can’t stand to see himself hurt the love of his life in the past, and grows concerned over Tim in the present. Scrooge takes the full emotional journey, and shows growth as he does. In the end, he gathers food and toys to take to Mickey’s, but decides to have a little fun, and pretends to be his usual self, going so far as to prepare to fire him, before revealing he’s giving Mickey a raise, and making him a partner. Not a bad ending to a less than feature-length telling. 

Diva’s Christmas Carol – 

Vanessa Williams is a treasure, and a diva, in the fiercest sense of the word. It’s no surprise that we was cast as Ebony Scrooge. Her portrayal of a sinister siren is on point. Even abusing staff, Ebony looks great. She’s also classy. Rather than yelling for Bob to come to her, she calls his phone while he’s only twenty feet away. It’s not all fierceness and divatude, she won’t let the staff buy new guitar strings, hairbrushes, or even get their pay checks on time. In an effort to generate revenue, she decides to hold a X-Mas concert, and charge through the nose. Since its for “charity”, no tickets for the staff, who now has to work on X-Mas. We get to see Ebony be every server’s nightmare when she places her room service order. I still can’t help but love Vanessa though. When then D-lister Kathy Griffin takes us through her past, we see Ebony in isolation, an abusive father, being separated from her brother, and losing her relationship with Bob. She’s had a rough life. It really gives a sense of why she is how she is. You can see a bit of regret and sadness with Vanessa, and it might be the writing, but she doesn’t take her full emotional journey until the final moments of her Behind the Music viewing. Other Scrooge’s on this list appeared to be making progress before that state of the game. Admittedly, I’ve not read the book, so it’s possible that’s the defining moment of the character itself, but I doubt it for this incarnation. At any rate, by the time of her concert, Ebony has made things right with Bob, promised to look after Tim, treated the staff to a feast, and even brought her living member of Desire on stage to give get a taste of the ol’ spotlight. Flash to a year later when all the people in Ebony’s life are together for X-Mas. Rather than ending on a sappy note, we get the great closing line, “I may be a sweetheart now, but nobody pees on the diva”. Think I’m kidding? Watch it for yourselves. Worth it. Applause! Applause! Applause! 

Muppet Christmas Carol –

First things first, Michael Caine is a legend, and I adore him. Just had to get that out of the way. His portrayal of Scrooge is nothing short of brilliant. From the opening scene with Kermit and the bookkeepers, you really believe that he’s the mean miser he’s playing. Going from calm to yelling, and back again. You wouldn’t want him as a boss. I mean, threatening to fire the staff for wanting heat. Heat. In December. Pre-modern furnace and insulation. Gee, thanks, boss. His encounter with the Marley brothers leaves him shaken, but receptive to the idea of what’s about to happen. It isn’t until the creepy sex doll of X-Mas past takes him through his, well, past, that we get to see some more of Michael’s huge talent. We see him light up at happy memories, and tear up as he loses the love of his life. Even for a frosty queen like myself, I feel for the man. We all do. Everyone has lost at least one person in their lives. Driven to dance by the next spirit, we can see the light in Scrooge starting to grow. He then sees what his own nephew, and Kermit’s family, think of him. Despite getting an unofficial reading from Piggy, he shows concern for someone other than himself. You actually believe that he cares for the sick little frog. So much so that he asks about his future, leading to his final spiritual encounter. After being taken to the future, and learning of Tiny Tim’s fate, he doesn’t know how they can endure it. When the Reaper points him to a grave, Scrooge says that a life can be made right. He uncovers his own name, and cries. He states that he’s changed, and will honor Christmas all the year. Michael is so good, I believe him. He dresses, and goes to the streets, righting past wrongs from earlier, such as buying coal for his workers so they can be warm, donating to charity, and getting a feast together for Bob and his family. The gratitude feels so genuine, you can’t help smile. His performance is legen-wait-for-it-dary! Bravo, Mr. Caine! Bravo! 

I thought about posting an overall ranking, but those who’ve followed all week can see that the Muppet Christmas Carol is the clear winner in my eyes. I’ve loved it for over two decades, and will continue to do so for many to come. I hope you’ve enjoyed my countdown, and if you haven’t seen any of these great specials, I sincerely suggest that you do. 

Until next time, stay geeky, and keep gabbing! 

Christmas Carol Countdown – Ghost of Christmas Future 

By Joshie Jaxon 

Greetings, geek fans! We’re days away from X-Mas, and I’m going to continue giving you your gifts. Rather than reviewing my three favorite versions of A Christmas Carol, I’m going to rate one of the main characters each day, and you already know this. Today I cover the Ghost of Christmas Future. Let the geeks begin! 

Diva’s Christmas Carol – 

Sadly, because this is a modern telling, without animation or Muppets to help distort reality, there’s no silent reaper for Ebony. No, instead we get the third spirit in the form of a tv showing a Behind the Music on Ebony. Kids, Behind the Music was a show on VH1 that used to go behind the scenes of popstars. Since VH1 produced this incarnation, they’re going to self-promote while teaching Ebony a lesson. After all, can’t have a modern story without some product placement. Ebony watches as Bob and the crew recount how horrible she was in life, and how they’re glad she’s gone. Bob can’t forgive her for having him on tour when his son died. We see Ebony’s tombstone, and Ebony gets sucked in to the tv shouting that she’ll change, and swears to honor Christmas all year. Well it’s about damn time. Granted, it took her until getting sucked into the tv to change her tune. What was I saying about distorting reality again? 

Mickey’s Christmas Carol – 

After being left by the giant, Scrooge is surrounded by smoke. The looming reaper figure points him towards the cemetery. Mickey is clutching the crutch that belonged to his now-deceased son. Scrooge begins to see what his actions are leading to. Though, to be fair, Mickey Bob stays. Like any good abusive relationship, he doesn’t think he can do better. Anyhow, Scrooge sees some weasels digging another grave. They’re commenting that there’s no one there to bid him farewell, as they go take a break. Scrooge approaches the open grave, and cautiously asks who it belongs to. The reaper pulls back his hood to reveal Pete, who lights a match, which illuminates Scrooge’s name on the tombstone. He calls him the richest man in the cemetery, and pushes him into the grave. Scrooge holds on to some roots for dear life, as the coffin opens, with fire and smoke coming from it. Pete laughs as Scrooge keeps screaming that he’ll change. Now this is the kind of Disney we need more of, darker with some grit. Great job! 

Muppet Christmas Carol –

The third of the new creations is a giant, reaper-like figure. As in, bigger than full grown Michael Cain. Unlike other interpretations, this version doesn’t speak, but merely points to what Scrooge needs to observe for his lesson. Even Scrooge fears this spirit, and tells him as much. Admittedly, I’d like to know the future, but I fear it at the same time. There’s something about knowing the unknown. I can’t explain it. The reaper is so scary that even Gonzo won’t stick around. The spirit takes Scrooge to men having a conversation about someone dying, and being quite glad about it. Scrooge is directed to another group having a conversation about a dead man. Each person there is handing over the deceased’s possessions, and getting paid for them. It chills Scrooge that his fate could be the same. He asks for tenderness, lest he be haunted forever by that conversation, and is taken to Bob’s house. Scrooge observes the quietness, and upon looking in on Bob’s family, realizes something must have happened to Tiny Tim. He’s taken to the cemetery, and asks about the man who’s death brought others joy. Reaper points to a tombstone. Scrooge asks if these evens will be, or can be changed. Reaper points again. Scrooge goes to the grave, and discovers it’s his own. He asks why he was shown these things if they couldn’t be changed. He begs the spirit to speak to him, and appears in his own room. Chills. I’m sorry, if a looming figure dressed like the embodiment of death showed me my own grave, never said a word, and just left me in tears, I’d need therapy for a decade. Not that I don’t already. Great job, team Muppet. Bloody Brilliant!

Tune in tomorrow for the final character, Scrooge, as my Christmas Carol Countdown continues. Damn, I love alliteration. This one will be the best yet. Until next time, stay geeky, and keep gabbing!