Character Crush-Eponine


-by Bevianna Bones

And now I’m all alone again, no where to turn, no one to go to…without a home, without a friend, without a face to say hello to…


Whoops! Sorry guys, got all caught up in my angst. Guess it was inspired by the wife mate going out of town…but before we start, let’s be clear on one thing; this CC entry is about Eponine as a character…much more Frances than Samantha, but sadly Google image search kept giving me things I want to unsee.  Such as…


I have no words…

I’m finding it très amusant that little miss sunshine keeps popping up in Eponine image searches, I’m also hoping that it’s because she was on track to play the role in that blaspheme of a movie; and not because she is nearly a modern day Ep what with all those angsty tweeny songs…


Eponine’s Errand 2.0…

Anyway, getting back on track, since the mid 80s who else has been the role model for forlorn teenage girls than dear old ‘Ponine? No one, that’s who.  On My Own is the quintessential anthem for anyone who has ever had an unrequited love. A martyr for those who have lived and loved so deeply and not had that feeling given back in return. Everyone who has even been fourteen can feel for her. Some take it to the extreme. Some of us wore trenchcoats and saucy hats to school and pined for our muse. 

She had a tawdry childhood, although her folks did what they could for her. Mommy loved to lavish in how spiffy she looked in her little blue hat, for some little girls know how to behave.  Things went south when the man came and took their little slave girl away, and ‘Ponine was doomed to a life of thievery and trenchcoats and saucy hats on the streets as a result of it.  She met a boy that she wrapped her whole world up in, in hopes to escape the tawdriness; betrayed her father, dealt with a short term gender crisis, and ultimately gave her life for someone who didn’t even know she was there. Life sucks and Eponine taught us that with pretty song and saucy hats. Heart her.


Two ‘Ponines in one! Oh boy!!

My original character crush, was actually more likely on Frances Ruffelle, the original London and Broadway casting choice; crushes didn’t look any better than that in 1986. I just wanted to be her, my young little mind couldn’t translate it into anything else. And why not…look at her now, Marius was an idiot.


What’s all this talk of rain and flowers? Your what will make my what grow?

There have been many notable Ponines over the nearly 30 year span that has been the miserablez. Besides Fran and Sam, you’ve had Debbie Gibson, Lea Solonga, Lea Michele, Ching Chang Wongy; just to name a few of the more notable ones. 

I’m sure though, most of the girls then and now, still probably adore her for her angst than her…um…assets…and…talent…
So I will leave you on that note, with a handful of some of the many, many, fan art inspired by her.  Viewers beware, a Google search of “Eponine fan art” will give you lots and lots of things you want to unsee. I haven’t been so frightened by the internet since I was searching for Tifa Lockhart images.


I’m guessing this is an alternative universe with alternate casting and there was a twist where Eponine drove away Javert and Valjean and everyone else and all the students live. Bubblegum and Unicorns!!


Brought to you by hangry lesbians…


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