Glorious Girls of Gaming – Jill Valentine


-by Bevianna Bones

What’s better than a badass broad packing heat, slinging knifes, and mowing down zombies, demon dogs, neo Nazi wannabes (aka Albert Weaker), and giant foliage? That same badass babe, but just add in the fact that she’s also the master of unlocking, and she’s unstoppable!!


“Here Jill, take this, you might need it…it seems that you, THE MASTER OF UNLOCKING, should take it…”-Barry

Let’s not be twisted here,for purposes of this post I’m referring solely to the games and not those abominations of “movies”. Honestly, I couldn’t sit through enough of them to remember if she was in any of them, so my disclaimer as we go forth is again, I am solely referring to the digitized lady here. Don’t want any RE dweebs out there to challenge some sort of cannon or something I missed in the horrible atrocities of cinema. I didn’t watch them, as no one should have.

Jill was introduced to the world in the original PlayStation Capcom classic, Resident Evil. A game that hails many accolades. It was ground breaking at the time, as really the first big survival horror title. Up until that point, all we pretty much had was the Alone in the Dark series of the old PC/Commadore days. It was also one of Capcom’s first franchises that was out of its CPS1/CPS2/CPS3 (that stands for Capcom Play System) game engines, that up until the “3D” graphics capabilities of the PlayStation hardware, Capcom pretty much adhered to. Remember how much you loved Final Fight/Cads & Dinos/AvP? Well that’s because they all are the same engine running the show. It harkens back to the same premise as Quake/Heretic/Hexen…dammit, seems I’ve run onto a whole lot of useless information again. But you get my drift. This was a whole new model for Capcom. Except for the character model herself, as I’ve always found Jill to look an awful lot like Cammy from Street Fighter. Maybe they are sisters…and with a few minutes and an unfiltered Bing search, I’m sure that I could find me some cosplay pron to back my theory.


Perhaps it’s on account of the rather saucy hat…

While the original RE is known for many things, perhaps the most important to gaming, and most special is that of its remarkable use of full motion video (as earlier discussed in the 3G post regarding Newsreader aka Elena), and its truly poignant voice acting. Particularly that mostly of Ms. Valentine’s. I’ve included a link below. Enjoy

Resident Evil’s Bad Voice Acting. Jill Edition:

Oh my…oh…oh…oh my. That was indeed magnificent and an inspiration to tenth grade drama actors everywhere. But aside from all of these wonderful things the original RE brought us, (and sadly was “fixed” in the remastered versions) who is Jill Valentine? 



One of the only remaining survivors of S.T.A.R.S. Alpha team, Jill survived unspeakable horrors during the Mansion Incident in Raccoon City, with her partner Chris Redfield; all the while maintaining her position of the master of unlocking.  After the “incident,” Jill eventually went on to become an operative for the BSAA, where she maintained a partnership with Chris, until another “incident” took place involving that dastardly scum-sucking neo Nazi himself, Wesker, where she tackled him to save Chris and pushed Weaker, and herself, out a window. You go little Joan of Arc you! All of this comes out in one of the side quests in the gold edition of RE5. Which is actually about the tenth installment, but that’s another story. So anyways, Chris assumes Jill is gone and always carries the void of losing his partner, until he traverses the globe to uncover yet another evil umbrella corporation plot to biochemically destroy the world and comes to find out that Jill herself is being used as a pawn in their sinister plan



“Wait..wh..who are you? Jill?! You seem so different…where is your lockpick and saucy cap?..!..wh..wh..what is that giant glowing red module on your chest? I could have sworn that wasn’t there before”-Chris

It doesn’t take Chris long to arrive at the conclusion that the giant glowing red thing on Jill’s chest is the source of her mind control. I’m assuming that he has played every video game ever made and understands that an enemies weakness is the glowing red spot on their chest. Way to go Capcom on another inventive plot device. Chris releases Jill and together they take down Wesker and Umbrella. And scene.

Wait, isn’t that basically how all these games end? How may times is this Wesker guy gonna show up?? Seriously? Well I suppose that’s a topic for another day; but for today, let’s celebrate the gloriousness of Jill, Master of Unlocking, Destroyer of Scripts. She will forever be one of the most badass gals of games, no matter what the reason you love her for.

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