Top 5 Tuesday – Celebrititties!! @@

-by Bevianna Bones


Well…listen to my story bout Gabrielle, a cute young gal that’s looking’ pretty swell, soft blonde hair, such a lovely lass, nice round breasts and a firm young @a…

Oh alright, so my top five today might not necessarily be a heightened topic of interest to some of our readers, but even gay men can’t deny how much magically awesomely wonderfully amazingly stupendously joyfulness a beautifully made bust can instill in a person. The Hetmen and Lesbos love em, all women wish they had a great set, and gay men think their fun. Yes, boobies are one of life’s joys indeed. In honor of their greatness, I give you my all-time top five favorite Celebratitties, and a few honorable mentions. They don’t all have to be big and beautiful, each of these ladies wins for shape and form, and nearly all of them gave me feelings I didn’t quite understand at one point or another.

5. Susan Sarandon in Rocky Horror Picture Show


These were the first boobies that I ever really loved. I was so drawn to them. Look at that shape! Look at that cleavage! It just makes you wanna touch-a-touch-a-touch them! Moving on…

4. Lea Thompson from Howard the Duck/Back to the Future



Anyone who’s followed our posts knows of my undying affection for two things. One being Howard The Duck, and the second being Lea Thompson. These might not be the biggest gals on the list, but she is rocking the cleavage as Lorraine, and as Bev…well, the way that little nightie hangs off the curves of the peaks…aaaannnd, moving on…

3. Geena Davis circa Earth Girls are Easy


Oh a young Ms. Davis was quite something. Reminiscent of a walking pinup.  These ladies have just the right mixture of roundness, perkiness, and a wonderfully shadowy valley. I remember when I was a teenager I had a very vivid image in my head involving a young Ms. Davis, brunette Madonna (aka Like a Prayer or League of Their Own Madonna), and Lori Petty from Tank Girl.  Sadly, that image was shattered by things I can’t unsee (see my Tank Girl post)…moving on…
Also, if you haven’t seen Earth Girls are Easy, you really, really should.

2. Lucy Lawless from Everything…




Ok, so there’s a third thing that I have undying love for, and that’s our Lucy. (See Lucy post…) The second largest gals on the list, they nicely fill out anything you put them in. Love the moundful cleavage. It was one of the greatest moments of my life the first time she shed her robe on Spartacus….aaaaaannd moving on…

1. Katy Perry


I have no words…except…oh the roundness and plumpness…not to mention her pinup photoshoots…oh my. I’ll spare the readers the joy/horror (depending on your inclination) of the many KP jiggle GIFs that are out there. There’s actually an entire website devoted to just them.

You might not agree with everything on this list, but these all-time fave celebratitties all have a special place in my heart. Here are two that almost made the list…

Renee O’ Connor: Runner-Up


3 Teets (from Total Recall): Honorable Mention


C’Mon everyone, I had to include her in there somewhere…you all know she was your favorite part about the movie…well that and the midget hooker with the machine gun…


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