TCG Tuesday – Yugioh, Signature Cards 


By Joshie Jaxon

Greetings duel fans! Joshie Jaxon here to discuss each of the signature monsters of the series protagonists of the Yugioh anime. Now, Joshie, what does the anime have to do with the TCG, you may ask. This is why you’re here. To learn, and to grow in your geeky ways. Each could exist without the other, but it wouldn’t be nearly as fun. TCG exclusive geeks get to open packs, pick and trade cards, and find your own dueling style, potentially not knowing all the options available to you. Anime exclusive fans get to see the show, and the game, without ever experiencing any of the action for themselves. Those of us who watch the anime, and play the game, get the best of both worlds. We get to see not only the cards we may have, but all the others that are available. It helps us refine our strategies, by maybe improving upon what the writers originally showed us in the anime. On to the monsters! Let the geeks begin! 

Dark Magician 2500 ATK 2100 DEF

The ultimate wizard in terms of attack and defense. 

The Dark Magician has been around since episode one of the original Yugioh anime. By the end of the series, we learn that he was the faithful servant of the Pharaoh, and to further protect him, became his most powerful monster, save for the Egyptian God Cards. The Dark Magician helped Yugi in nearly all of his important duels, from Kaiba to Zorc. Like Neos, the Dark Magician the only other Normal monster on the list. However, that doesn’t mean that he’s without power. 

The Dark Magician has a variety of cards that he can use or become, via fusion or card effect. 

Monsters –
Dark Sage

Dark Magician Knight 

Dark Paladin 

Magician of Black Chaos 

Dark Eradicator Warlock

Dark Flare Knight 

Malefic Dark Magician 
Spells – 
Dark Magic Attack 

A Thousand Knives

Dark Magic Curtain

Elemental Hero Neos 2500 ATK 2000 DEF 

A new Elemental Hero has arrived from Neo Space! When he initiates a Contact Fusion with a Neo-Spacian his unknown powers are unleashed. 

Neos was introduced in the second season of Yugioh GX. He was created by Jaden as part of a card contest. After being launched into space, Neos and Jaden were reunited. Neos assisted with the destruction of the satellite that was under the control of the society of light. Like the Dark Magician, Neos requires two sacrifices in order to be summoned to the field. Even though he’s a Normal monster, Neos has the ability to fuse with any of the Neo-Spacians to create some rather exceptional creatures. 

Monsters – 
Grand Neos 

Marine Neos

Storm Neos 

Flare Neos 

Air Neos 

Chaos Neos 

Magma Neos 

Aqua Neos 

Glow Neos 

Dark Neos

Rainbow Neos 

Spells – 
Neo Space

Reverse of Neos 

Neos Force 

Stardust Dragon 2500 ATK 2000 DEF

1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monster. 

A Signer Dragon, belonging the Yugioh 5D’s hero, Yusei. Stardust Dragon belonged to him until it was stolen by Jack Atlas,only to be returned at a later date. Stardust helped take down the Dark Signers, and save New Domino City. You can use virtually any monster to bring out Stardust, as long as it meets the above condition, and the synchro summon rules I covered in my previous TCG post. Stardust’s ability allows it to sacrifice itself, only to be resurrected to the field at the end of the turn. Similar to Neos, Stardust has the ability to synchro further into even more powerful forms. 

Monsters – 
Majestic Star Dragon

Shooting Star Dragon 

Malefic Stardust Dragon

Shooting Quasar Dragon

Traps – 
Stardust Flash 

Starlight Road


Number 39: Utopia 2500 ATK 2000 DEF

2 Level 4 Monsters

The only Number card that stayed with Astral after he was left without his memories, during the events of Yugioh Zexal. He served Yuma of his own will, unlike the other Number cards encountered in the series. Utopia was loyal to Yuma through the series, and was able to reach all five of his forms in a single duel. The main ability of Utopia is to negate an attack by removing a material monster. The drawback of that ability is that when Utopia is out of material to remove, he’s destroyed if he does battle. Still, Utopia is a solid hitter, and great addition to the protagonist monster squad. 

Monsters – 
Utopia Ray 

Utopia Roots 

Utopia V

Utopia Victory 

Utopia Beyond 


Odd Eyes Dragon 2500 ATK 2000 DEF 

If this card destroys an opponents monster by battle and sends it to the graveyard: inflict damage to your opponent equal to half the original ATK of the monster in the graveyard. 
The final signature monster belongs to Yuya of the Yugioh Arc-V series. Since this series has yet to get an English dub and release, I have no idea how it works in the anime. However, I do know that as a card, it holds the distinct honor of being the first monster to have an incarnation of every monster summon type. Normal, Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, and Ritual. I can’t wait to see the newest form of cards and summons in action. Having been researching the new monsters and summons, I’m working on getting a deck together so I can try it out myself. A lot of people on the net think that pendulums are broken, I’ll let you know my findings. 

Monsters – 
Rune-Eyes Pendulum Dragon

Vortex Dragon

Meteor Burst Dragon

Absolute Dragon

Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon

Clear Wing Synchro Dragon

Rebellion Dragon

Gravity Dragon 

There you have it, the ace monsters of our beloved heroes. If you’re a fan of the anime, I’m sure whatever series you started on has a special place in your heart. Give the others a chance as well. I thought I’d hate 5D’s when it was new, but now I enjoy it. I initially didn’t bother with Zexal, but am currently in the process of rewatching it. Even if you don’t like the plots, if you’re a duelist or just a casual TCG gamer, it couldn’t hurt to observe some new strategies in action, without having to search YouTube for the tutorial that you want. Spoiler alert, that’s something I’m working on creating for you. They may not be fancy, but they’ll be entertaining. Until next time, stay geeky and keep dueling! 


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